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1) Conveyancing
  a) Sale and purchase of residential and commercial properties
  b) Mortgage
  c) Refinancing
  d) Bridging Loans
  e) Additional facilities with banks such as loans and overdraft facilities

2) Family Law
  a) Divorce
  b) Ancillary proceedings
  c) Adoption
  d) Wills and Probate

3) Criminal Matters
  a) Defending against prosecutions
  b) Commencing private summons

4) Civil & Commercial Claims
  a) Commencing legal proceedings to enforce personal or corporate rights
  b) Defending civil actions
  c) Initiating and/or defending claims in Singapore or overseas
  d) Render opinion on potential civil claims

5) Corporate
  a) Incorporation of companies
  b) Company Secretarial services
  c) Commercial agreements
  d) General corporate work

6) Insurance Claims
  a) Motor insurance claims
  b) Personal injury claims
  c) General insurance claims
  d) Render opinion on insurance matters

7) Private International Law
  a) International business transactions
  b) Cross-border claims
  c) Offshore incorporation of companies

8) Intellectual Property Law
  a) Trademark application
  b) Enforcement of intellectual property rights
  c) Prosecuting and defending criminal actions for infringement
  d) Advise on copyright, patent, franchise, license, technology transfer, passing off matters and assignment matters.

9) Immigration
  a) Applying for the necessary passes
  b) Setting up companies/businesses in Singapore
  c) Acting in the sale and purchase of properties
  d) Applying for permanent residency status